July 26, 2009 at 10:20 pm (Uncategorized)

I was sitting all alone at the mamak stall  tonight….Thought I could resist of going out for dinner but I gave in. Blame it to the housemate who was cooking at home earlier on..the smell drove me nuts!! I’m hungry!! LOL

Thank goodness there’s a 24-hour mamak nearby…There, just sitting opposite me were an old man with a young boy…I would assume that must be the grandpa and grandson. Somehow, an indescribable  feelings overwhelmed me. I guess I miss my family. At the same time, I was wondering if I would live that long and spend the rest of my life with my beloved ones.

Argh, guess living alone like this really drives me crazy. Constantly going out on the weekends is really burning holes in my pocket since I stay here in Kajang..not to mention because of the presence of the car too.  Can’t help the impulse to drive around aimlessly sometimes when boredom and loneliness haunt me down.

I just have no idea to talk with sometimes when I’m stuck in such situation…so unbearable.

Suddenly, I miss the Youthsays members too. Hmmm…or should I say the MYN members now? Well, it’s so hard to catch up with everyone nowadays at the portal… But I miss the gathering….I miss them…you know who you are…. Paulin, Ripsta, Pillie, Neo, Jordy and the rest. Definitely really miss the random jokes from you guys.

Let’s see…who else I’m missing here…owh ya, the ding ding clan and my fellow friends in GEMS. Somehow, I feel like a stranger already to some of them…but still I really cherish those lovely memories that we once shared.

Friends in miri…lagi lar rindu ngan korang eh….Keep in touch with me eh!!!



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